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Give Me Love


For you Nicole, hope you like it.

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Apr 17, 2014

Anonymous asked: Why don't you write dilmer anymore?

Honestly, I haven’t had the time to write anything anymore. Like when I do have a second, I write Nemi bc I can usually find inspiration for them right off the bat, as opposed to Dilmer-that takes more time. but seeing that school’s almost over, when I do decide to write them you’ll be the first to know. Okay? :))))))))))))))))

Apr 17, 2014

Anonymous asked: why isn't breakup 1 working :(


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Apr 17, 2014

Anonymous asked: update your drabble page!

Will do when I have time!

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Anonymous asked: demi and wilmer backstage at american idol!


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Give Me Love - Demi Lovato

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loving-teenage-fandoms asked: Nick and Demi's kids first day of school


"Nick!" Demi yells up the stairs, sighing as she zips up her sons jacket.

"Maybe he’s brushing his teef." He says with a shrug and Demi just smiles and kisses the top of his head. It’s just starting to curl, but only a little bit. Nick’s hair was straight until he was about ten, so there’s still time.

"Okay. Go get your backpack." She tells him and he nods, this huge grin on his face as he runs into the kitchen to grab it. She can’t help but laugh as she stands up, seeing Nick jogging down the stairs now.

"Got it." He says, holding up the camera. Part of her knows that this is a little much, taking tons of pictures and acting like it’s this huge deal that it’s his first day of kindergarten. But it kind of is a big deal. And Demi doesn’t wanna look back on this day and regret not having any pictures. So maybe they’re a little too excited. But they’re his parents. They’re allowed to be excited.

"Okay so we’ll drop him off and go to the studio. And then I’ll pick him up at two. And either we’ll get ice cream to celebrate a great first day, or we’ll get ice cream to help mend the wounds of all the kids that picked on him." She sighs and Nick can’t help but laugh.

"No ones gonna pick on him, babe." He says and she just gives him this ‘stop laughing and trying to invalidate my feelings’ look. So he smiles and wraps his arm around her waist, giving her a gentle kiss. "No ones gonna pick on him. He’s like, the coolest kid ever."

At that moment, he comes running in. Captain America backpack on and a bright, excited smile on his face. Nick gives Demi another kiss and then let’s go of her, smiling down at his son. “Ready to go?”

He nods quickly and then Demi gasps. “Wait, picture first!” She says excitedly, taking the camera.

"I thought we were gonna wait till we got to the school." He laughs, but she’s already taking pictures. 

He doesn’t mind though. He’s beaming at his mom, never so excited before in his five years of life. In fact, Demi’s more nervous for today than he is. And unlike his dad at his age, he can’t wait to get to school. Nick was never like that. Maybe because he saw how his older brothers dreaded going to school, but he wasn’t a big fan of the whole waking up early thing and having to sit in a classroom for eight hours. Still isn’t. Except now when he wake up early, he sits in a studio, sometimes with his wife and sometimes with other artists and sometimes by himself. And even if he has to wake up at 6am, which he never has to do because that’s what being your own boss means, it’s still worth it.

"Okay," Demi stands up a moment later, straightening out her skirt. She picks up her son and kisses his cheek for the millionth time today and he’s still just grinning as she carries him out to the car. Sometimes Nick thinks she keeps carrying him around like he’s a baby just because she still wishes she was a baby. She just likes to hold him, even though he loves to run around like little boys tend to do. She’s still his mom, though. All she wants is to keep him close and safe and happy. It’s a good thing he doesn’t mind being held so much. She won’t be able to pick him up for much longer, though. Once her stomach gets bigger with the new life that’s growing inside her. So he’s sure she’s just savoring holding him for as long as she can.

Nick wonders how much all of this will change as he goes to school. When he sees other kids interacting with their parents. He just hopes that none of them will pick on him for having famous parents. Maybe they won’t yet. But one day when they all figure it out, he hopes he’s not made fun of like Demi was. Like he was. It was worse for her, though, since she was stuck in school while TV episodes played with her on them played after school. Nick’s mom took him out just in time, before it could get bad. He hopes they won’t have to do that to their son.

"Do you want me to drive?" His wife’s voice snaps him out of his thoughts. He might not show it, but he’s just as worried as she is. This is his kid, his only son, going off into the world. But he can’t really afford to show it. She’s enough of a mess for the both of them.

"I got it." He says as she shuts the door to the backseat. They play some music they’re working on on the way, and of course their son gives his input to the new music. He always does. And Nick genuinely values his opinion. Demi offers him some advice every few minutes about school and he listens obediently, but Nick can tell he’s just excited to get there. He keeps peering in the rearview mirror, watching his son kicking his legs along to the music in his car seat and fiddling with one of his trucks. He looks up and meets his fathers eyes a couple times, smiling brilliantly just like Demi. God, he loves that. He looks mostly like him, but things like his smile and his eyes and his energy he gets from his mother. A little mini them running around and causing all kinds of trouble. It’s pretty awesome.

They park the car and get out and Demi’s bent down again, helping him put his backpack on and fixing his hair. He doesn’t mind though, he’s too busy looking around at all the people. Some parents are staring, obviously recognizing them, but Nick ignores them. He’s used to that, it’s better not to engage sometimes. 

"Are you ready?" Demi asks him with a smile and he nods, looking a little more nervous now.

"Do you want us both to walk you in?" Nick asks as his wife stands up beside him.

He bites his lip gently, thinking about it. He looks around again for a moment, seeing all the other kids with either mom or dad, but mostly mom. “I want mommy.” He says, taking her hand quickly. 

Nick nods and bends down now, holding out his arms and he practically jumps on him. He laughs a bit, hugging his son tightly. “You’ll be great.” He says quietly, but neither of them let go of each other just yet. This is his kid. His baby. And he knows he’s not a baby anymore, but he still sees him like that sometimes. Five years old with a personality all his own with the talents and skills he only could have hoped for. Going into school and becoming independent. And he can’t let go. “I love you, bud. Be good.” 

"I love you, too, daddy." He says and then they release each other and Nick stands back up. Demi gives him that mushy ‘you’re a great dad and I love you so much’ look and he just smiles and shrugs it off, putting his sunglasses back on because he’s pretty sure his eyes are shining a little bit. 

"Come on." Demi says, taking his hand again and leading him into the school.

Nick’s pretty sure she’s crying when she comes back out. Except he doesn’t say anything about it, just takes her hand and starts to drive to the studio. He understands, so he stays quiet. It’s in moments like this she’s glad they’re so similar to one another. Sometimes it gets them into trouble, but sometimes it works almost too perfectly.

When Demi comes back with him, he comes flying into the studio, that same brilliant smile on his face. Nick laughs and picks him up, setting him on his lap as he sits at the sound board. He starts talking a million miles an hour, showing him a drawing he did and explaining all the ins and outs of his new classroom. He sits back and listens, looking over at his wife who stands admiring the two of them. He holds out his hand for her and she steps forward, taking it and lacing their fingers together.

All he can think right now is how perfect this moment is. His son sits in his lap, Captain America backpack still strapped on his shoulders, with a million happy moments spewing from his mouth. His wife stands laughing over them, one hand pressing to her stomach, which barely sticks out now but in just a few weeks, she’ll be wearing his tshirts and getting calls from designers offering her maternity clothes. 

He swears he’s never been happier.

not even kidding, i cried.




She has failed at life. I hope authorities show up at her door.


people really think doing shit like this is funny right like its quirky its a joke

And yet people wonder why everyone is concerned about the up and coming generation…
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She has failed at life. I hope authorities show up at her door.


people really think doing shit like this is funny right like its quirky its a joke

And yet people wonder why everyone is concerned about the up and coming generation…

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